Norman police investigate alleged serial-rape suspect

Stephen Homan. (Photo provided by Norman PD)

The Norman Police Department is investigating a person they believe to be a serial rapist, according to a release.

The department initiated an investigation, into a first-degree rape in Norman, on June 28. Police say investigators quickly learned the suspect, 24-year-old Stephen Homan, was already charged with first-degree rape in Custer County and close to facing a jury trial.

Norman police say investigators also learned a suspect in a 2017 rape was likely to be the same suspect that raped the victim in their recent case.

On Aug. 16, Homan was convicted of first-degree rape in Custer County. He's now been charged with two counts of first-degree rape in Cleveland County and currently has warrants issued for his arrest, per a release.

Norman police say their investigation determined Homan targets women at college parties and it is "unlikely" the two reported rapes are Homan's only victims.

The Norman Police Department urges any person, who's been sexually assaulted by Homan, to contact Detective Kellee Robertson at (405) 366-5261.

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