Newcastle residents voice concern over drilling near homes

    (FILE/AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

    Residents in Newcastle are frustrated with the city's rules on where companies can drill oil and how close it can be to their homes.

    There has been some confusion in the ordinance over where boundaries start, and some drills were built under the old ordinance.

    The old ordinance said drills had to be 330 feet from homes.

    The new ordinance changed that to 660 feet in June of 2018

    One resident, Derrick Lea, says a drill is currently being built within 660 feet of his home.

    "Basically, what I'm doing is asking the city council to follow the laws and ordinances they created and do the right thing," Lea said.

    Right now, there's confusion over whether that distance starts at a house or the property line, and if it starts at the drill's boring hole or the edge of the drill site.

    No decision was made on changing the ordinance at Monday night's city council meeting, those questions will now go back to the planning commission.

    The city council says it will be on its agenda for its next meeting.

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