NE Oklahoma City experiencing increase in crime

    It was a deadly Saturday night in the north east side of Oklahoma City. A traffic stop by Oklahoma City Police ended in a tragic crash after the driver fled from police only to crash his car killing himself, and his passenger. Then only two hours later officers responding to an armed carjacking on the same street, N.E. 36th.

    Samuel Littlejohn has lived in the city for over 70 years, he told FOX 25 he's never seen the northeast side so riddled with crime. "Everybody has a gun," Littlejohn said, "And some folks are hot headed with guns and they're shooting up the whole east side."

    DeeDee Jackson was putting gas in her car Saturday night around 11 P.M., when she witnessed a car lose control, and crash into this barrier killing the man and woman inside. Police tell FOX 25 the driver was believed to be intoxicated.

    Jackson said to witness such a thing was tragic, but sadly, it's not uncommon to her. "This is a high crime area," Jackson said.

    Just two hours later, still on N.E. 36th, police spot a car reported stolen. Police arrested a woman inside the car, but the driver, ran through multiple back yards trying to escape. Police tell FOX 25 they did fire their weapons, the suspect was eventually caught. Police are investigating his unknown injury and he is receiving medical care tonight. The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave, no names have been released in either case.

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