National Republican Hispanic Assembly of Oklahoma responds to Trump's speech

It's been just about an hour since the Oklahoma State Fair closed its doors for the season. A flurry of excitement at this year's fair surrounded the visit from Donald Trump.

The eyes of the nation turned to the Oklahoma State Fair on Friday, as controversial GOP front runner Donald Trump took the stage.

"I said this time we're not taking a chance I'm doing it myself," said Trump in his speech on Friday.

While the audience may have been all for Trump's ideas....

"We need a border, we need a wall. But I don't mean one of those walls you go to home depot you buy a ladder and you walk across, I mean a wall much higher," Trump said during his speech in Oklahoma on Friday.

National Republican Hispanic Assembly of Oklahoma State Chairman Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross say he's burning a bridge with the Hispanic Community.

"We're very upset, we're not in agreement with his platform, we're not in agreement with any of his policy issues. We do not see him as a GOP nominee said Gonzalez-D'Ross.

She says the Republican Party has been trying to earn the trust of Hispanics nationwide, and Trump is destroying that with his harsh comments about illegal immigrants.

"So I think it's important for him to talk about real issues. And I think it's sad because these other presidential candidates are doing that. They are talking about issues they are talking about policies but it seems like all eyes and all cameras are on him," Gonzalez-D'Ross said.

The Oklahoma Republican Party says they were glad to have Trump speaking at the Oklahoma State Fair. Interim party chairman Estela Hernandez even attended the speech.

As for the fair, Trump's visit didn't do attendance any favors either. While fair organizers say his visit drew a crowd of more than 15,000 for the speech. They believe the hoopla also scared away the regular Friday night attendees.

"I mean obviously the people who were interested in seeing Trump were going to come regardless, but what was happening with the other people, the regular fairgoers were saying I don't want to mess with that circus," said Spokesperson Scott Munz."

Munz believes weather was also a factor in fair attendance.

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