Mustang 15-year-old arrested for child pornography

A Mustang 15-year-old was arrested for child pornography, police said.

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office arrested the teen after a week-long investigation, the department said.

Investigators saw a large amount of "graphic pre-pubescent child pornography being distributed" from a home in Mustang. They got a search warrant for the home, finding the teen was behind the crime, investigators alleged.

“As our investigators were walking to the front door, the suspect actually opened it, peeked out. Apparently, by the look on his face he was a bit surprised, and slammed the door shut,” said Chris West, Canadian County Undersheriff in a news release.

Investigators say they found more than 300 videos and images of child porn, showing children as young as four-year-old being "raped and sexually exploited."

"Because of the extreme nature of the child pornography that was being downloaded and distributed the juvenile was taken into custody, and multiple electronic devices were seized. To date, preliminary examinations of the electronics indicate over on thousand videos and images of pre-pubescent child pornography has been recovered and placed into evidence," the news release said.

“This case is absolutely one of the worse we’ve encountered involving a juvenile suspect and child pornography. It’s hard to comprehend how anyone, and especially a kid this young gets involved so deep into the hideous world of child pornography,” said West.

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