Murder investigation that turned into a 3-year custody battle ends

Amber Andrews (Garvin County Jail)

A grisly murder investigation turns into a 3-year custody battle but tonight, that battle has been won.

Fox 25 reported this week Amber Andrews will stand trial in the killing of Brandon Duran who was brutally shot and cut up into 25 pieces in Garvin County. Duran left behind a 9-year-old son whose Grandmother, Cyndi Wear, has been fighting for custody. Today Wear made the journey from her home of San Diego, Ca. to pick up her grandson and take him home for the holidays.

Tonight prosecutors allege Amber Andrews helped Justin Hammer murder and dismember Cyndi wear's son Brandon Duran.

Duran's remains were found in buckets filled with concrete on the bottom of a pond in Garvin County more than 3 years ago.

A jury is convicting Hammer of the brutal killing. Hammer has remained silent to this day regarding Andrews involvement. Soon Andrews day will come too. Fox 25 reported Monday that Andrews now faces formal arraignment for the murder on Jan. 15th.

Cyndi Wear tells Fox 25 that she and her family will be there. "I let the jury see me," Wear says, "Then when they call the first witness, I leave because there are things in there I can't hear that I can't see, that no mother should ever have to know about their child."

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