Motorcycle pursuit caught on camera

The video was taken on Sunday, near Pauls Valley. (KOKH)

A police cruiser, weaving among motorcycles at dangerous speeds, on an Oklahoma road. The video was posted on our FOX 25 Facebook page, but has since been taken down. It shows part of a pursuit that spanned several towns south of the metro.

The video was taken on Sunday, near Pauls Valley. In it, you can see a group of motorcyclists, and a Wynnewood police officer. At points you see the officer zoom by a biker, then tailgate another during the pursuit. Then, in one scary moment, you see the officer fishtail on the side of the road.

FOX 25 has learned that the officer involved was Wynnewood Police Officer Josh Franklin. Franklin did not appear on camera but did tell us he was called to check on the group, after Garvin County officers notified him there was a large group of motorcycles driving recklessly.

Then, one rider popped a wheelie, that's what we're told started the pursuit. At points, we're told it went upwards of 90 mph. Officer Franklin says the group was making hand gestures, trying to run him off the road.

We asked the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office about protocol. They was none involved in this specific incident so they did not comment on it. They did tell FOX 25 what goes into play when pursuing a motorcycle over a vehicle.

"Is it too dangerous to the public? Or is this a situation where this person needs to be taken off the street? Because just being on the street is a danger itself as well. So there's a lot of factors that go into this," says Mark Opgrande.

We're told stop sticks should never be laid down, and different procedures should be taken.

"You run into different scenarios because as opposed to a vehicle when you're trying to get them off the road and you make the decision to do a a tactical vehicle intervention where you knock it off, that's certainly a situation where you may not want to do that to a motorcycle because they're going fast they're going to fly off the bike itself."

We spoke with the Wynnewood Chief of Police, he says he is standing behind the actions of Officer Franklin. Franklin did make one arrest following that pursuit, but says more could be coming.

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