Mother arrested after child found alone and crying in hallway of metro hotel

Cady Webb, 22, was arrested Nov. 4 in Oklahoma City on complaints of child neglect and public drunk.(Oklahoma County Jail)

A metro mother was arrested after police say her toddler was found crying and wandering the hallways of a metro hotel.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that just before midnight Nov. 3 officers were called to Comfort Inn & Suites, 13501 N. Highland Park Boulevard, after a 1-year-old girl was found wandering the hallway of the hotel screaming and crying.

The calling party said she heard the girl on the fourth floor of the hotel and found the girl. She then took her down to the front desk, believing that someone would come and collect the child.

Hotel staff were able to determine the room the child came from and called the individual's phone. After not receiving an answer, staff knocked on the door of the room.

A short time later, 22-year-old Cady Webb came to the lobby and reportedly tried to pull the girl out of the reporting party's arms. A "heated argument" then ensued. Witnesses noted that Webb appeared to be intoxicated and they were worried for the child's safety, so they called police.

When police arrived on scene they asked Webb if anyone could come get the girl and take care of her. She named several individuals that were also staying in her room and that were intoxicated as well.

Webb then told police that her daughter's father could be at the hotel to get the girl in 15 minutes. When police asked where the man lived, Webb stated "Tulsa".

Webb was then placed into custody for complaints of child neglect and public drunk. The child's father, who was in Elk City, was notified and responded to pick up the girl.

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