More than 50 new lawmakers headed to the Capitol for 57th Legislative Session

    More than 50 new lawmakers headed to the Capitol for 57th Legislative Session (KTUL)

    TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- More than 50 new lawmakers will head to the Capitol Monday morning for the first day of session and our new Governor’s State of the State address.

    Just barely into 2019 and there's already so many changes.

    Especially for Representative John Waldron.

    "It is like the first day of school," Waldron said.

    Waldron saw years of first days of school as a teacher.

    Monday morning, he will put away his teaching skills and become a student as one of more than 50 new legislators for Oklahoma.

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    "We are going to learn what the rules are, where the cafeteria is, where our lockers are,” he said.

    To kick off the 57th legislative session, our new Governor Kevin Stitt will give his State of the State address, sharing his plans for Oklahoma's future and this year’s budget.

    Once Stitt lays out his plan, lawmakers new and old are ready to get to work.

    "I am really optimistic that we can work together for the greater good of Oklahoma," Waldron said.

    Waldron admits he still has a lot to learn but he says that won’t slow him down.

    "We should listen and learn how things work but we were elected to be the voice of the people so we are not going to be wallflowers," he said.

    Veteran Representative Regina Goodwin says this is a great time for opportunities but says it will certainly be a learning curve.

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    "This is huge!” she said. “Having so many new folks on the floor will be different, it is going to be challenging but hopefully they are coming in with open minds and to do right by the people."

    Goodwin says off the bat she is looking to Stitt and both parties to make impactful decisions on prison and healthcare reform.

    "You’ve got to have courage, you have to be informed and again do right by the people,” Goodwin said.

    Goodwin and Waldron both say both parties will have to work together this session to become the top ten state Governor Stitt is pushing for.

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