Louie's restaurant shooter had several encounters with law enforcement

A photo of Alexander Tilghman who has been identified as the shooter at Louie's Grill and Bar. (Facebook)

Police reports show Alexander Tilghman was a victim of abuse as a child and has had several encounters with law enforcement.

Oklahoma City police said they took a report in April 1993 of lewd acts with a child and the victim was listed as Alexander Tilghman. He was 3-years-old at the time when the accusations were made against a babysitter. His mother reported it to police but there was never an arrest or conviction.

Then in 2002, police received a child abuse report involving Tilghman. It was reported to the Department of Human Services but again there was no conviction.

Police took a report of a fight between Tilghman and his mother over a vacuum cleaner on May 18, 2003. The reports shows he got upset over the old vacuum cleaner and told her to buy a new one. When she told him he couldn't afford one, he began punching her in the chest and arm. His mother then went out the back door and to a neighbor's house to call police. Police said there were no visible injuries when they arrived, but Tilghman was arrested for assault and battery.

Police also investigated some of Tilghman's YouTube videos after they were reported to them by a writer for "The Gayly," a gay news outlet. In the videos, Tilghman claims transsexuals are "demons" but police said they didn't investigate because no crime was committed.

The last contact they had with Tilghman was last Thursday, when he shot three people inside Louie's. Two men shot and killed Tilghman outside the restaurant after reports show he refused to drop his gun.

The findings of the search of Tilghman's apartment were released Tuesday. Police said they found computers, writings in a notebook, ammunition, gun belts and a holster.

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