Moore Public School Board announces they support teacher walkout

Moore Public School Board announces they support teacher walkout (KOKH)

The Moore Public School board unanimously announced at their meeting Monday, that they stand being their teachers is there is a walkout.

Several hundred teachers and parents gathered to hear whether or not the district would support their action plan, should lawmakers not increase education funding before the start of April.

The school board told parents and community members they should reach out to their lawmakers and demand they take action to avoid teachers walking out of the classroom.

"As parents I just don't know what we would do, and for teachers I feel horrible for the teachers. They use their own money," said Vanessa Jones, with the Education Association of Moore.

"We've waited 10 years. How much longer can we wait? I am blessed and my husband has a good job but I'm in support of all the teachers that are single parents, who have to work another job," added Leonor Massura, a 6th grade teacher at Sooner Elementary.

Monday, the state senate passed a bill that would increase teacher salaries. Senate Bill 97 would give teachers $5,000 over the next few years. It's now up to the House if they want to pass it "as is."

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