Metro man's knee sleeve design to be worn in Olympics, also gives back to community

For each knee sleeve sold, Mickey Dollens plants a tree. (KOKH)

A piece of Oklahoma could be heading to the 2016 Olympics in Rio. One metro man's knee sleeves are worn by some Team USA weightlifters. When lifting heavy weights, athletes know it's all in the legs.

"Whenever people are lifting heavy, of course your knees are going to get worn out," said Mickey Dollens, founder of Tree Trunx.

That's why while competing for the USA bobsled team a few years ago, Dollens wanted to do a little extra to protect his.

"The coach gave us these sleeves that weren't quite doing the job so I said I know I can do better. I came home, created a prototype and the next year I brought them to my teammates and said try these out," said Dollens.

From there his idea for 'Tree Trunx' knee sleeves quickly grew.

"Marketed them on social media, Facebook, Instagram, they took off really well," said Dollens.

Dollens says they're now sold for $55 a pair to athletes across the country, including Team USA weightlifters CJ Cummings and Caine Wilkes who hope to compete in Rio for the 2016 Olympic games.

"The benefits of Tree Trunx is that they provide compression and warmth, which is going to promote blood flow, which will reduce recovery time, increase flexibility. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," said Dollens.

But what's also special about 'Tree Trunx'...

"For every pair sold, a tree is planted. So we're growing people and the planet," said Dollens.

Some trees are planted through the National Forest Foundation and others Dollens plants in the Oklahoma City area.

"I plant a lot of trees myself all in public places; parks, libraries, schools, fire stations. So far in 2016 we've planted over 100 trees," said Dollens.

Dollens says he hopes his Tree Trunx help athletes young and old dig deep, while also promoting sustainability and encouraging others to plant roots in their community.

"I used to have a football coach at SMU who said 'what you keep you lose, what you give will grow, and that's always stuck with me," said Dollens.

To learn more about Tree Trunx, click here.

To learn more about Mickey Dollens campaign for State House, click here.

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