Man who led police on lengthy chase, arrested again for same theft

Brenton Hager, man who led police on extended chase, arrested again for same theft.

The man who led police on a three hour car chase through Oklahoma City and Moore, has been arrested again.

Brenton Hager, 25, is behind bars for the second time and for the same theft.

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Hager is now being accused of stealing another vehicle on early Tuesday morning.

The car stolen was a 2007 Jeep Liberty. The owner was able to give enough description of the vehicle for police to find it.

Police found the vehicle and Hager at the Executive Inn at 6410 Northwest Expressway.

"They did recognize him, knocked on the door and he refused to come out. It was that point his bail bondsman contacted him and told him to surrender himself, which he did," said Oklahoma City Police, Msgt. Gary Knight.

Oklahoma City Police say that around 8:00 a.m. a man started his car. That man is Kavon Halstead.

"I went outside to warm my car up. You know, let it run for a little bit and then went back inside to make some pre-workout before I went to the gym, and then I came out, the car was gone," Halstead said.

Once he found out who stole his car, he said he was lost for words.

"I didn't know even know what to think about that. That was a huge shock because I just think, what if I came out and he was still in the car?" Halstead said.

Halstead got his car back, but Oklahoma City Police said this could have been avoided. They want to remind people not to leave your car running and unattended.

"That is the number one way that vehicles get stolen in Oklahoma City," Knight said "Especially when theirs either very hot weather, people leaving their car running for air conditioning or very cold weather, people leaving it because they don't want to let the car get too cold."

Halstead said this is a lesson learned.

"Nah, I'll never do that again," said Halstead. "And definitely not leave my wallet in there. That was a mistake, for sure."

Hager's bond is set at $4,000 in Oklahoma County, on complaints of concealing stolen property and possession of a stolen vehicle. His charges have not been filed yet in Oklahoma County. The Oklahoma County District Attorney's office said it could take a couple of days before charges will be filed. In Cleveland County, Hager's bond was set for $1 million.

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