Man wearing blackface seen walking around OU campus

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    A video of a man walking around the University of Oklahoma's campus wearing blackface has surfaced on twitter.

    Twitter user aniyadee first shared this video around 3 PM on Twitter.

    OU says they're aware of the situation and has issued an OU Alert.

    In their alert they say officers have be unable to locate the person.

    It is not sure if the person is a registered student at OU.

    This statement was released by OU's president Jim Gallogly.

    “Every strong organization faces adversity and challenges. Rising to those challenges is what leads to greatness. Events of the last few days have reinforced how critical it is to focus on ensuring OU creates a positive climate for students, staff and faculty absent racism and disrespect. Together we are charting a course for progress.”

    This is a developing story.

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