Man arrested for embezzling $10,000 from company

Man arrested for embezzling $10,000 from company

A man is behind bars after attempting to steal almost $10,000 in coins.

A worker at APMEX, was caught by a security guard trying to hide buffalo coins in the bathroom. The coins are made by APMEX.

On Dec. 8, 34-year-old, Ryan Garden, was arrested on the count of Grand Larceny.

At APMEX, any coworker must be escorted by security when going to another floor of the building.

Garden needed to go to another part of the building so a security guard joined him.

The security guard noted that Garden was very sweaty and was acting suspicious. Garden told the security guard he needed to use the restroom but the security guard stated that he had to go into the restroom with him =.

Garden went into the last stall of the bathroom and the security guard said that what happened next was even more suspicious.

Garden made what sounded like a "fake" sneeze then blew his nose and made a lot of noise which included a rattling noise from the toilet paper holder.

After Garden was done, he walked out and told the guard he needed to go back to his original floor. The guard thought it was suspicious so took him back to his floor then went back to the bathroom.

The security guard found seven 10oz gold buffalo coins concealed inside the toilet paper holder.

The security guard confronted Garden in the conference room and Garden admitted to stealing the coins.

He was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail without incident.

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