Man arrested after deputies find more than $500,000 worth of alleged THC extract in jars

    Michael Hutchison; Man arrested after deputies find more than $500,000 worth of alleged THC extract in jars (Courtesy of the Rogers County Jail)

    CLAREMORE, Okla. (KTUL) -- Rogers County deputies booked Michael Hutchison after they say he was illegally transporting THC extract.

    A deputy says the California driver was driving recklessly as he came through Rogers County overnight.

    When he pulled the man over, he says he uncovered the THC.

    "The guy doesn't know how to drive at first and certainly didn't know what he needed to be hauling," said Sheriff Scott Walton.

    Sheriff Walton tells us the "extract filled 29 mason jars, 16,000 grams, at $50 a gram."

    "This was a pretty well-disguised clean-looking operation," said Walton.

    Walton says Hutchison admitted to picking up the jars in St. Louis, but he says the man's story didn't add up.

    "He certainly believed he was making the story up as he went; it didn't make sense," said Walton.

    Walton has maintained a strong stance against marijuana, and he believes legalizing it even for medicinal uses will lead to more arrests like this one.

    "Law enforcement didn't need another mountain to climb. We got it, and we're climbing," said Walton.

    It's a drug bust that could hurt the bottom line for medical marijuana dispensaries in Rogers County that are doing things by the book.

    Green Canopy Solutions has only been open a month, but Rachel Duggan says business is so busy she can hardly keep the shelves stocked.

    "This town has been great, supporting us and keeping the illegal drugs out of it," said Duggan.

    It's the only medical marijuana dispensary in Claremore.

    Duggan says when people are bringing the illegal stuff in from out of state, it hurts legitimate businesses like hers and creates a stigma against medical marijuana.

    "We're here. We've done everything a hundred percent legal," said Duggan.

    At the same time, Duggan is grateful law enforcement has a watchful eye out for this activity, an eye Sheriff Walton won't keep shut.

    Hutchison has since bonded out of jail.

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