Man arrested after allegedly setting backyard on fire after break-up


    Logan County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to the 3000 block of East Noble Drive in Edmond Jan. 17 after receiving calls of a man lighting his yard on fire.

    When deputies arrived they could see visible flames from the backyard of Matthew Pavlich's home.

    Deputies confronted Pavlich when he exited his home giving him verbal commands for compliance. When Pavlich didn't comply a deputy deployed his taser striking Pavlich.

    Pavlich was then taken into custody.

    Deputies say Pavlich appeared to be heavily intoxicated at the time.

    When deputies entered the home they noted that personal property was thrown across the home, the stove was on and open, multiple space heaters were on, and the thermostat was set at 90 degrees.

    The fire in the backyard included wood furniture, paper, and home decor along with a 5 gallon propane tank that appeared to be full.

    Pavlich stated he did not intend to harm himself or others but stated he wanted to see what the fire would do since "we were on the moon" and no one would be harmed because "we were all dead."

    Pavlich was charged with public intoxication, obstructing an officer, and arson in the fourth degree.

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