Making sure you get your tax return on time

Professionals say there are common things to look out for when filing taxes to make sure you don't run into problems. (KOKH)

Mark Rose at Retirement Solutions is used to the questions around tax season, but what if you're not?

There are some common things he sees when people are filing their taxes.

"They're receiving 1099s and they're receiving a lot of paperwork from their investments from last year that needs to be included in their taxes," Rose said. "A lot of our work is helping clients understand what those 1099s are."

Investments are important to report, but there are smaller things that could prevent you from getting your return.

Those include: getting your name wrong, incorrect social security information, bad math, incorrect bank information, forgetting to put your signature and date on your return, bad filing status selection, claiming tax breaks incorrectly and getting the postage right.

Rose said this is something his clients constantly ask about too.

"I think one of the major concerns of our clients is that they want to file their returns appropriately," Rose said. "They don't want to get on the wrong side of the IRS person. So making sure they have the right paperwork, the right information."

He said a professional can always help you with getting this information right.

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