Lyft driver chases down suspect after catching him burglarizing a car

Ryan Jones, 18, was arrested Feb. 9 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma County Jail)

An Oklahoma teen sits behind bars after getting caught breaking into a car by a Lyft driver.

Police say the driver, Jermaine Perry, chased the suspect, nearly tackling him until he found out the suspect was a teen. Perry, who’s a Lyft driver, told FOX 25 he bolted down NW 14, ending up near N. Bradley Ave.

“I got blisters on my feet from chasing the guy in my socks,” Perry said.

It’s a pricey reminder for Perry after keeping a watchful eye on his house and his neighborhood.

“It just had to get done because we done had so many break-in's going on in our neighborhood and it's nothing but retired people over here and old folks,” Perry said.

Perry said he wanted to check on his house after dropping off a customer. He then found 18-year-old Ryan Jones going through his son's car.

“I'm thinking it was my son in the car because he asked me about fixing his light,” said the neighbor. “I didn't get to it that day. So I was going to get to it a little later.”

But it wasn't his son.

“The guy was in the car so calm, it looked like it was my son,” said Perry. “So when I pulled up, I said what are you doing out here this early? It's five o'clock in the morning.”

So in pure instinct, he kicked off his house shoes and took off running after the suspect.

“I'm pretty sure I scared him because when I was chasing him, I told him to stop or I was going to shoot him. I didn't have any gun on me, but I did say that so he could stop,” Perry said. “That's when he turned around and said, I'm just a kid.”

Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight said you have the right to detain someone if you see a crime in action.

“It certainly raises the danger level when you take matters into your own hands and confront somebody. That's what we're here for. We prefer for the people to call the police,” Knight said.

Police said this is also a reminder to keep your car doors locked, which Perry said, his son didn't do.

The suspect faces one complaint of auto burglary after adjudication. The Lyft driver told FOX 25 he and his neighbors have come up with an alliance to keep a watch out for the neighborhood, which is something police recommend for homeowners.

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