Luther High School focused on victim's recovery, return to normalcy

Luther High School is focused returning to normalcy and the recovery of a student, who was stabbed on Thursday. (KOKH)

The first day back from summer break took a frightening turn for students at Luther High School.

"I was only about 25-30 feet from them," said Wayne Smith, a student. "I could hear the thud thud of it."

"I turn around and hear screaming and next thing I know there’s this girl hunched over in this seat cross the auditorium with somebody on top of her," said Johnathan Baumgartner, another student.

That somebody was a 14-year-old boy.

At first, he appeared to be punching the victim, but then students and staff notice a knife.

"Teacher breaks it up, apprehends the student and at that time realizes the other student was actually punching the other student with a knife," said superintendent Barry Gunn.

Police say the victim was stabbed 9 to 11 times. She was rushed to safety and mediflighted to OU Medical Center.

The school was then placed on lockdown and parents were notified.

"I mean, I feel like they acted pretty quickly from what I understand," parent Mary Bliss said. "Johnathan told me the Chief was here in like 30 seconds."

But questions now swirl over security with parents asking what more could’ve been done to prevent the attack from happening in the first place.

"I feel like there definitely needs to be some sort of metal detection. Definitely some sort of protection the teachers can provide," Bliss said.

Luther is the first district in the state to pass a policy that will eventually allow teachers to conceal carry.

Additional security measures will be considered in the future, but for right now the district’s focus is on the victim’s recovery and a return to normalcy.

"We run buses tomorrow morning and we come back and we do the best we can," Gunn said.

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