Local woman mauled by neighbor's dogs while outside friend's home

    Local woman mauled by neighbor's dogs while outside friend's home (KTUL)

    A vicious dog attack sent a north Tulsa woman to the hospital.

    She is suffering from nearly a dozen bites on her arms and legs.

    "Two dogs came over a fence and started mauling me," said Tammy Hart.

    An attack that is no doubt life changing for her.

    "They were ripping my arms and legs and attacking me viciously," said Hart.

    She was visiting her friends near Pine and Tisdale Expressway Friday afternoon.

    She says the dogs broke free through a hole in a neighbor's fence and starting biting at her.

    "There are about seven or eight [dogs] that live there," said Hart.

    "They're like a pack of wolves and they look and act like hyenas," said friend Shawna Rozelle.

    Hart managed to break free and run inside, grabbing her friend who immediately rushed her to the hospital.

    "Tammy literally looks like she was attacked by a tiger," said Rozelle.

    Twelve bites cover Hart's arms and legs. Most of them are deep and missing chunks of muscle and skin.

    Doctors tell Rozelle that the recovery process won't be easy.

    "No one should have to go through that you know, it's wrong, it should have never happened," she said.

    The attack was so vicious, remains of the sweater Hart was wearing.

    "The dogs literally shredded her OU hoodie and it's a thick pullover hoodie," said Rozelle.

    The most troubling thing is the reaction Hart says the owner had.

    "He just laughed at me," she said.

    Both women say their calls to police have been transferred to animal control, but due to the holiday weekend and Hart's hospital stay, it could be Tuesday before anyone is dispatched.

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