Local tax professionals warn of scams this season

Identity theft on tax forms is becoming a bigger danger this year in Oklahoma City. (KOKH)

Identity theft is a real threat for anyone filing a tax return this year.

The past president of the Oklahoma Society of Accountants and enrolled agent Jim Nolen said that threat is on the rise.

If someone notices it, they will have to dispute the false report and then get a special PIN number from the IRS.

"We have a number of clients that have had that problem and you just put the PIN number on the tax return," Nolen said. "There's a special box on page two. Then that return will go through."

Sean Rose with the Better Business Bureau said the data breach of major companies last year also could add to the risk of someone trying to claim your tax refund.

"With how many data breaches happened last year alone, a lot of people's personal information is probably out there on the dark web or something like that," Rose said. "So you want to make sure you file your taxes as soon as possible."

You also have to make sure you're using someone who has the credentials and is qualified to make sure you're information is protected.

"Unfortunately there are totally unscrupulous tax preparers," Nolen said. "They're basically just criminals that open a tax office. They get all this information."

A reminder, you should never expect the IRS to call you to ask for money right away. The agency will send out letters to let you know if you owe money.

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