Local mother passes out flyers, searching for answers in son's death

Police and local mother are looking for the suspect who shot and killed Bryan Sweet January 1st. His death is considered the first homicide of the year. Courtesy: Gyn Sweet

An Oklahoma City mother is asking for your help in finding her son's killer.

Police found Bryan Sweet shot to death on Jan. 1 near NE 36th and Hiwassee Road. His mom, Gyn Sweet, braved the cold Sunday afternoon passing out flyers, asking the Choctaw community if they know who took her son's life.

“I have good and bad days.,” Sweet said.

It's been more than a month since Gyn’s son was found shot to death.

“It was real hard at night for a long time; for at least the first three weeks. And it's getting a little bit better,” Sweet said.

But that pain hasn't gone away. So she's taking matters into her own hands, hitting the streets of Choctaw, going door to door to see if anyone can help find her son's killer.

“I'm just kind of canvassing the area out here, passing these out and hopefully, someone might know something,” said the mother.

She told FOX 25 she believes someone followed her son home after leaving his girlfriend's house.

“We're going to pass out flyers in that area to let the know that there's someone in your neighborhood that's a murderer,” Sweet said.

This heartbroken mother said her son just made department manager at a local Walmart and always had a peaceful demeanor.

“He would always inspire people. He prayed with people. He was just an encourager and always uplifting,” said Sweet. “If you were down, he wanted to make sure your day got better.”

She said her son was in an interracial relationship and believes that might have something to do with his death.

“I'm thinking so. That's what my heart tells me. Now that might not be right, but that's what I feel,” said the mother.

Bryan was shot right outside of his mother's house, through the passenger side window multiple times. She was the one who found him.

“It was terrible. It was terrible,” Sweet said.

Police have made no arrest in Bryan’s death, which is why it's so important to this mother to find that suspect.

“It was a horrific crime. It was just intentional, on purpose and ugly,” said Sweet. “I think that everyone needs to know that there's someone out there that has done this.”

If you have any information about the gunman in this fatal shooting, you're urged to call Oklahoma City police homicide tipline at (405) 297-1200.

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