Local groups warn of hot car dangers

AAA Oklahoma said the temperature inside a car can get up to 180 degrees on a 95-degree day. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

The risk for children in hot cars is one parents need to take seriously.

AAA and OU Children's Hospital said this is the time to be prepared.

"So if you have a plan," OU Children's pediatric trauma coordinator Lindsey Henson said. "Maybe it's just that you make sure to call someone after you've dropped off the kid everyday. So that's part of your routine because it can happen and it happens quickly."

AAA said there's already been 20 children who have died in hot cars nationally this year.

There have also been three "close calls" in Oklahoma.

Both groups said to remember the word "act" to keep children safe.

  • A - Avoid heat stroke by never leaving a child in a car, even for a minute.
  • C - Creat reminders by leaving something in the backseat.
  • T - Take action by calling 911 if you see a child alone in a car.

"Even when the temperature is low, the heat factor in a car is multiplied exponentially and it can be danger for that child," AAA spokesperson Leslie Gamble said.

A car in the parking lot of OU Children's had crayons and a thermometer placed in it for a half hour.

We asked people to guess the temperature inside the car.

One man told us 140 degrees.

He was correct with the thermometer around that temperature and crayons that completely melted.

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