Lengthy investigation leads to four drug arrests by the DEA

Four people were arrested following a lengthy investigation by the DEA in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A major drug bust after several months of investigation.

A court affidavit shows the Drug Enforcement Administration has been tracking Amy Valdez since August 2017. The agency used an undercover agent to find out other suspects that may be involved with her.

On Feb. 16, that led them to a parking lot near SW 74th St. and Pennsylvania Ave., where police were waiting.

Court documents show police arrested four suspects who were found to have more than 900 grams of methamphetamine on them. Eladio Vargas, Jr., Lorenso Ibanez, Jesus Cervantes and Charles Garza were arrested.

One woman who lives in the neighborhood where court documents show tracking first began said she wanted something to be done.

"Sometimes it takes awhile," neighbor Marie Nunez said. "I know it's not going to happen overnight but I'm glad that they did something and stopped this and I hope it does stop it now."

Nunez said she made a call to Crimestoppers about the house months ago after being concerned about the house. She said this could only lead to more trouble in the neighborhood.

"There's a lot of kids here in this neighborhood," Nunez said. "I don't want them growing up related to something like this and being around things like that. I have my own family and my own grandkids and I want something better for this young generation."

Nunez urges anyone else to call Crimestoppers if they notice anything like this in their neighborhood.

Garza faces one charge of drug trafficking. The other three suspects face two charges.

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