Legislative page program suspended after alleged sexual assault

    Legislative page program suspended after alleged sexual assault. (KOKH/File)

    The high school page program at the Oklahoma State House of Representatives is suspended while police investigate an alleged sexual assault involving two pages staying in a hotel.

    "We are aware of an alleged incident within the house page program," said House Speaker Charles McCall. "We don't have much information at this time."

    The news of the alleged assault came out after a bill failed to pass the House, some say could help prevent sexual assaults from happening to teens in the future.

    HB 1007 called for more education and training in schools.

    Part of it would teach students about healthy relationships and the definition of consent.

    "What consent means, because it is the law of the land, and also what a healthy relationship looks like," said Rep. Jacob Rosecrants, a Democrat from Norman.

    Rosecrants worked closely with sexual assault victim advocates on the legislation.

    "We have some of the worst statistics in the country when it comes to sexual and relationship violence, and we know from research that the best way to prevent it is healthy relationship education," said Stacey Wright, the founder of Yes All Daughters.

    Wright was at the Capitol for Wednesday night's vote, and says she was devastated to see it get shot down.

    "What we're talking about is teaching healthy boundaries, communication skills, conflict resolution," Wright said. "These are skills that people use their entire lives, and we're not investing in that with our kids."

    News broke of the alleged sexual assault in the page program.

    Rosecrants says, if the allegations are true, that's exactly the kind of thing he hoped the bill could have addressed.

    "This is what we're trying to prevent," Rosecrants said. "If this actually happened, then this is what we're trying to prevent. We're trying to prevent sexual assault, especially among teens and young people

    Both Rosecrants and Stacey Wright say they plan to keep introducing the bill.

    The Midwest City Police Department is still investigating the alleged sexual assault.

    No arrests have been made.

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