Lawsuit filed against Oklahoma County following inmates death

Family of 36 year old Maurice Pendleton and their attorneys recall the day Pendleton was allegedly killed in jail (KOKH/Mckenna Eubank).

A lawsuit has been filed against the Oklahoma County jail and sheriff, after an inmate's violent death back in July of 2017.

Friday, that inmate's family spoke about why they decided to take legal action.

"I want justice to be served for my son," Mae Pendleton, the mother of 36 year old Maurice Pendleton, emotionally said in a press conference.

Pendleton’s attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons said the man was supposed to go home that very day.

"In fact, he was supposed to be getting out of the jail the day he was killed."

In July of 2017, Pendleton was in a holding cell following his video arraignment, when a fight between he and four other inmates broke out.

"He was sweating profusely, and he was telling the medical staff, 'something's not right’,” Solomon-Simmins said Pendleton claimed, “I’m about to die."

According to the attorney, “they told him it was going to be okay, but it was not okay."

Pendleton was pronounced dead at a local hospital hours later.

The family says he died from a hemotoma in his brain.

Now, those who knew him are seeking justice.

A lawsuit was filed Friday morning by the family, which claims over thirty inmates have died in the jail since 2016.

The lawsuit is requesting the sheriff give up operations of the jail until the facility complies with what they call basic constitutional standards that the law requires.

Attorney Spencer Bryant also spoke in the press conference and said, "As evidence to what happened to Mr. Pendleton, not only did they confine him in a location that was unsupervised by direct observation from staff, they didn’t have the surveillance system that would allow them to monitor the situation even remotely".

The Oklahoma County Jail says they cannot comment on pending litigation. but say the four individuals who attacked Mr. Pendleton have been charged with his death and are awaiting trial in Oklahoma county for second degree murder.

Reports show Pendleton was originally in jail for an assault and battery with a deadly weapon allegation and carrying a gun after a felony charge. the family emphasizes, he was not convicted before his death.

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