Launch of Oklahoma City streetcars marks historic day for city


Oklahoma City's streetcars are officially operating and available for the public to ride.

The city estimates more than 700 people attended the ribbon cutting.

A celebration downtown turned into a historic moment for Oklahoma City.

"I was looking forward to when I heard the streetcars were coming back. Real proud. Real excited about it," Elanor Todd-Ford said.

Todd-Ford was one of the first to ride Oklahoma City's streetcars 70 years ago.

"It was exciting, as kids we get on it, you know at that time it was just a normal way," she said. "We didn't have cars then. Couldn't afford a car. So everyone just rode streetcar and it was just a thing to do."

Fast-forward 70 years and seven street cars roaming the downtown area, which city officials say will bring in a lot of business.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt says he was able to get an exclusive ride before the ceremony and wants to share a couple of tips for new riders.

"It doesn't stop at every platform unless somebody ask it to or if somebody's waiting," he said. "So there's buttons throughout the car that say 'stop.' And when your stop is next, you'll want to push that button. That signals to the driver they need to stop at the next stop."

And if you plan on trying out the one of the streetcars, Embark officials say you'll have some help at each stop.

Rides are free until Jan. 5.

After Jan. 5, it will cost $1 for a single ride, $3 for a 24-hour pass, $32 for a 30-day pass and $384 for an annual pass.

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