Kay County Sheriff: No survivors from plane crash near Ponca City

Near the site of a plane crash in Kay County. The FAA has arrived on the scene to investigate. (Mckenna Eubank/KOKH)

The Kay County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) confirmed a plane crash near Ponca City about 10:45 a.m. Saturday.

Authorities on the scene say three adults and two children, from Independence, Kansas, died in the crash.

The plane was taking off from Ponca City airport, to return home, when the crash occurred according to the Highway Patrol.

Sheriff Steve Kelley said sheriff personnel secured the scene, near Hubbard road on U St., wile waiting for the FAA to arrive.

The National Transportation and Safety Board is expected to have a team at scene before long to investigate the crash.

John Hercyc, a witness, said he was cutting grass when he first heard the plane fly by.

"The engine you know was, I got the impression it was full throttle”, he said, "I heard a loud boom. And I stopped and looked around and I saw the fire and black smoke coming from east of us here in the soy bean field”.

Hercyc says he called 911 and immediately drove down to where that 6 passenger, EA-400 plane had just crashed.

“One of my neighbors was right behind me. We went down there and I started to look to see if I could render aid to anybody”.

Investigators are expected to give more information on the crash Sunday Morning.

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