Jurors hear interviews with Alton Nolen explaining why he beheaded co-worker

Alton Nolen enters court in Cleveland County. (KOKH/FILE)

A jury heard audio recordings of a man on trial for first degree murder telling investigators why he beheaded his co-worker at a Moore food plant.

The trial of Alton Nolen continued Sept. 20 in Cleveland County Court. The prosecution played two different audio recordings of interviews recorded in the days following the September 2014 murder of Colleen Hufford.

In those tapes Nolen answers questions in a very matter-of-fact way with seemingly little emotion. He told the investigators he beheaded Hufford because he felt oppressed as a Muslim. Nolen carefully explained his interpretation of the Quran and said no one guided him in the religion and that he came his beliefs on his own.

He also told investigators he did not regret what he did at all and that he would have beheaded a second co-worker if he wasn't shot by the former owner of the plant Mark Vaughan. He called Hufford a "slave to the devil" and described himself as a "slave to Allah" stating "You know the Muslim is somebody who submits their will to Allah...Whatever he wants done, that's what we do...And you know he wants us to get the oppressors out of this place".

Nolen's lawyers say there is no doubt he committed these crimes but argue he's not guilty by reason of insanity. There will be a break in the trial on Thursday and Friday. The defense is expected to present its case beginning Monday.

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