Jenks Public Schools requests $14 million in upcoming bond election

    Jenks Public Schools requests $14 million in upcoming bond election (KTUL)

    Jenks Public Schools is asking voters to consider approving two separate bond proposals totaling about $14 million in a bond election on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

    The district said student enrollment is growing each year and technology is advancing quickly, so they must continue to create space for students while providing them with the resources needed to become college and career ready.

    The bond dollars would meet needs throughout the district and will be distributed to all Jenks Public Schools sites and grade levels.

    The district said they'll provide the best opportunities and learning environment for all students by continuously upgrading facilities and technology and anticipating areas of growth.

    The bond needs 60 percent approval to pass. The district said it will not raise taxes above traditional levels.

    If the bonds are approved, Jenks will use the money for the following:

    • District-wide equipment – Classroom furniture, white boards, projectors, science lab equipment, art equipment, etc.
    • District-wide facilities management equipment/repairs – Roof repair and replacement, HVAC repair and replacement, clocks/intercom repair, painting, carpeting, cabinetry, plumbing repairs/upgrades, sidewalk improvements, electrical repairs/upgrades, etc.
    • District-wide printing improvements – Upgrades and replacements for copiers, printers, scanners, etc.
    • District-wide safety improvements – Security cameras, secure building entrances, school building safety vestibules, safety equipment, fire alarms, smoke detectors, radio systems, emergency generators, fire extinguishers, etc.
    • District-wide technology – Computer hardware and software, servers, interactive whiteboards, infrastructure cabling and network, telecommunications equipment, etc.
    • District-wide textbooks and media equipment – Students textbooks, library books, media center equipment and software, etc.
    • District-wide transportation – Buses
    • Child nutrition equipment at East Intermediate and Southeast Elementary
    • Classroom wing expansion and updates at Freshman Academy
    • Soccer complex upgrades (artificial turf field and facilities)
    • Media Center renovations and upgrades at East Elementary

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