Jay Public Schools suspends teacher amid investigation of an inappropriate relationship

Jay Public Schools suspends teacher amid investigation of an inappropriate relationship (KTUL)

JAY, Okla. (KTUL) -- Police in Jay are investigating a possible inappropriate relationship between a female teacher and a male student.

The district has placed that teacher on paid administrative leave.

“If I didn't live here, I wouldn’t want to move here knowing what goes on in our school," said a mother who didn't want to be identified.

There’s a code of silence around the town of Jay.

No one is wanting to talk about a teacher at the high school who has been suspended for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

“It’s sad; it’s really sad," said the mother.

But this mother spoke to us today, asking us to hide her identity and change her voice.

She told us her daughter is one of this teacher’s students.

“It’s very frustrating, because they’re paying a price for an action and a decision that she made," said the mother.

Police would not go on camera, but they say there is an ongoing investigation involving a female teacher at the high school.

The school district also would not go on camera, but they released a statement. They say, in part:

The Jay school district takes the safety of its students very seriously and does everything it can to provide a safe learning environment. When the investigation is complete, the district will review the results of the investigation and determine what steps need to be taken.

“Sexual relations between a teacher and a student.. that should not be something you have to worry about at your school," said the mother.

It's a concern many tell us they have off camera, while an uncertainty on the teacher’s fate looms over the school.

“We have great teachers. You’re going to have one bad apple, but who pays the price?" said the mother.

Police could not tell us if an arrest was imminent.

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