'It's simply not acceptable:' OU president speaks out about racism on campus

    An OU banner on the Norman campus. (File)

    A meeting with the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents started off with an announcement that the chair and owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Clay Bennett, has resigned due to health reasons.

    The theme of the meeting seemed to be that there's work to be done at the University of Oklahoma.

    President James Gallogly, along with his board, announced that the two racist incidents reported last week, are going to be used as catalyst for change.

    "When things like this happen, maybe that's the tip of the greater ice berg. So, tell us what we are not seeing. Tell us what we don't know, so that we can do something about it."

    Gallogly said the university will start hosting monthly meetings with students, to have conversations about what could be improved on campus.

    The school is hoping to create a more diverse staff, and improve the way they recruit students, to include more minorities. Many other changes were also discussed. However, banning hate speech might not be one of the changes made. Gallogly said they must protect student's freedom of speech and banning parts of speech can be a slippery slope.

    "We are bringing in experts to talk about what can we ban, what can we challenge, what's the extent of our opportunity under the law and looking at best practices at other universities to make sure that if people are doing something wrong, our code of conduct picks it up and we can do something about it."

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