In-N-Out Burger not coming to Tulsa after all

In-N-Out Burger not coming to Tulsa after all (KTUL)

Many fans of the popular eatery, In-N-Out Burger, found out a sign saying the hamburger joint was coming to Tulsa, was a prank. Someone posted the sign in the vacant lot of the Whataburger on East 41st. Whataburger was damaged in the August 2017 tornado, and so far, has not been replaced.

People who work in the area were excited when they saw the sign.

“The In-N-Out Burger sign? Yeah, I got excited, all excited about it. Is it real? It’s not? No, that hurt my feelings,” laughed Valerie Taylor who works nearby at the Phone Doctor.

“I was like, 'Great, it’s right here; I work here. I’ll just go there and get me some In-N-Out,'” said Taylor.

In-N-Out issued a statement to the media telling everyone that there are no immediate plans to locate to Tulsa.

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