Hypnotherapy: going beyond entertainment

Hypnotherapy: going beyond entertainment

If you are having trouble losing weight, quitting smoking, or reaching any other personal goal, you could benefit from an increasingly sought after therapy. For some, it is a last resort. But we've got your back with how hypnotherapy can go beyond entertainment to actually change lives.

The image of a pocket watch swinging in front of your eyes. A voice says, "You are getting very sleepy...." If that is what hypnosis makes you think of, maybe it is time to think again.

We got to see what a real therapy session looks like with professional hypnotist Steven Stone.

"I show them the power of their own thoughts," Stone said.

His client, Joe Comet, said he was nearing 400 pounds a little over a year ago. Desperate for change, he turned to Stone for help unlocking his subconscious.

"I was trying anything," said Comet. "The diets weren't working. The exercise was non-existent."

Comet said it took several sessions with Stone before he got comfortable enough to go into a heightened trance-like state. He's now down to 255 pounds by making better food choices and walking more.

"I don't even know how to put it," Comet said. "He just kind of tapped into whatever was inside of me that was blocking me from doing that. "

Not just weight loss, Stone's clients range from athletes looking to elevate their performance to corporate groups wanting results in their business. He also draws crowds for hilarious and entertaining shows.

The science behind hypnotherapy has been well-studied, Researchers found it does help people lose weight or quit smoking and aids in the treatment of depression and anxiety. It has also been shown to reduce pain during childbirth and pain in children following surgery. What researchers have not been able to show is exactly 'why' it works.

Stone said, "I think our minds are amazing, And it controls everything."

As Stone works to unlock the power of the brain for his clients, he sees a future where his work becomes more mainstream and accepted.

You can learn more about Steven Stone and his hypnotherapy business by visiting or emailing

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