Husband, wife accused of running prostitution ring from Del City massage parlor

Joseph and Kanyarat Fetterman were both arrested May 16 and accused of running a prostitution ring out of a Del City massage parlor. (KOKH/Oklahoma County Jail)

Oklahoma City police said several agencies worked for months to investigate the Bangkok Thai Massage & Spa.

On Wednesday, those agencies served a search warrant at the business owned by Joseph and Kanyarat Fetterman.

"Also search warrants were served on the residence of the Fettermans," Oklahoma City Police Capt. Bo Mathews said. "The business they own in Del City which is called the Bangkok massage parlor and their bank accounts were also frozen."

The agencies involved in the investigation included the Oklahoma City Police VICE unit, Del City Police Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Navy.

Police said Joseph is a member of the Navy, which is the reason they were involved. They don't know how many prostitutes may be involved, but said Kanyarat Fetterman had a role in providing them.

"She's from Thailand and she also brought in some Thai girls to come over and assist in the prostitution," Mathews said.

This was an eight-month investigation that police acted on after they gathered enough information.

"They were just checking on massage parlors and doing the undercover work they usually do and got some information and were able to run with it," Mathews said.

The charges both are facing are all felonies. They include maintaining a house of prostitution, pandering, possession of criminal proceeds, unlawful use of a computer and conspiracy to commit a felony.

There's no word how many prostitutes were inside the business or if any of them will be charged.

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