Hurricane Irma impacts on Oklahoma

Flights from Will Rogers World Airport could be affected by Hurricane Irma. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Anytime the potential for disaster gets this big, the American Red Cross of Oklahoma and Arkansas heads out. Disaster program manager Mary Jane Coffman helps make sure volunteers go wherever they are needed the most.

"Our volunteers like to help out wherever the need is," Coffman said. "We have amazing volunteers who have a lot of experience with disaster - being in Oklahoma of course."

An additional 26 volunteers responded to potential relief from Hurricane Irma. They are among some 90 people from the Oklahoma and Arkansas region that are responding to disasters across the country. They are ready to assist those who are evacuated.

"We actually pre-position a lot of our volunteers and supplies and vehicles so we can be prepared to go wherever that storm may hit," Coffman said.

Coffman said this is something they plan for everyday.

"We respond to house fires and apartment fires all the way to these large-scale events," she said. "So we're always preparing for whatever might be next and knowing that call could come any minute now."

If you have a flight out of Will Rogers World Airport this weekend, pay special attention if your destination is to Florida. Airport spokesman Josh Ryan said to rebook through your airline if it's possible.

"Even though an airport may stay open, an airline may still cancel flights so it can be frustrating for travelers," he said.

There could be more of a ripple effect with delays at the airport if remnants of the storm hit Atlanta.

There is an Allegiant Airlines flight to Destin, Fla., on Sunday that could be canceled.

"I wouldn't take a chance on it," Ryan said. "If your travel schedule is flexible, go ahead and rebook that flight."

Ryan said we likely won't know if that flight is canceled until Sunday.

It's important to check with your airline for updates.

The American Red Cross said it will always accept donations to help provide supplies victims need.

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