Hundreds participate in March for Our Lives rally at state capitol

March for Our Lives participants descend on state capitol. (David Young/KOKH)

Hundreds took the streets of Oklahoma City Saturday to demand that their lives and safety become a priority.

March for Our Lives OKC kicked off at noon at the Oklahoma County Election Board.

Participants then marched to the state capitol to protest gun violence.

At one point, the screams of a grieving mother could be heard echoing through the crowds.

Her anger was directed at a group of counterprotesters advocating second amendment rights.

Their opposition, though, was mostly drowned out by a sea of people calling for tougher gun-control laws.

Many of the participants were kids in fear of going to school.

"We can't focus on our education because we never know if we're going to hear a bang in the hall and that's going to be the last thing we hear,” said Emerson Taylor, a local student.

"We have to go to school and practice ALICE drills and know that it is possible that a shooter could come into our school at any point at any day,” said Maizy Abbey, also a local student.

Many participants took to the podium, pointing to the tragedies of the past.

"More than 200 people have died in school shootings since Columbine,” one student said. “How many more of us have to die before something happens? I promise you my parents will miss me a lot more than you'll miss your guns."

The youth-led movement is promising not to sit silent until the powers that be enact reforms. And, they're not alone. Many are joined by their parents, who feel the same sentiment.

"Finally, the kids are like, 'You know what, stop it.' And, so, they're rising up. And it's really important for us adults to stand behind them and let them do something about this,” said Peaches Amspacher.

But doing something about gun violence hasn't been easy in the past. And the same challenges remain today, as thousands of Americans continue to rise in support of their second amendment rights.

"There are a lot of people in Oklahoma and the United States that are law-abiding citizens that should not lose or regulate our right to own our firearms,” said Trevor Jackson, a gun rights advocate.

A second amendment rally is planned for Monday, March 26. It will take place at 1 p.m. in the 4th floor rotunda of the state capitol.

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