Hundreds of cars in Oklahoma City flooded after severe storms

Cars flooded in Southwest Oklahoma City (KOKH Steven Anderson).

Some Oklahomans saw up to five inches of rain last night, leading to numerous high-water rescues.

If you're one of those hundreds of Oklahomans, who woke up with a flooded car Wednesday morning, we've got your back with some helpful tips from AAA.

If your car was flooded to the top of the wheel, they say don't start it. It's better to get it towed because once you start the vehicle it can cause a lot more issues. If your car was flooded up to the window, it might be a total loss.

"Yesterday alone, AAA had 218 calls from its roadside rescues for its members here in Oklahoma," AAA spokesperson Leslie Gamble told Fox 25.

From roadside assistance services to first responders, flood waters stalled drivers all over the metro.

"We were just extremely busy," Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson with the Oklahoma City Fire Department said. "Any time we have a weather event approaching our city we know there's an opportunity for us to get busy. This one was really, primarily a vehicle in high water event for us. We responded to 32 calls of vehicles reported to be in high water."

According to AAA, a lot of Oklahomans didn’t realize their vehicles had been flooded until they woke up Wednesday morning. They said all those vehicles should be towed to a mechanic.

"Have the brakes system, the engine, the drive train, the power steering," Gamble said, "all aspects of your operating system for your car evaluated, dried out. These days, our cars that have advanced automation and electrical systems can be even more vulnerable."

The fire department did have some good news. They said there were no injuries reported.

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