Following two infant deaths in OKC, CARE Center offers programs to prevent child abuse

After murder arrests for two infant deaths in the last week, the CARE Center is offering advice for parents. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Two infant deaths in the last week has led to murder arrests.

Last Friday, 4-month-old Ryan Keessee died at Deaconess Hospital and police arrested 31-year-old Antonio Goodwin for murder.

On Monday, three-month-old Dexter Reed died at OU Children's and his father, Deion Reed is now facing a murder charge.

Stacy McNeiland, the CEO at the CARE Center for Children, said the deaths are disturbing.

"As a staff, as a community, we have to bond together," McNeiland said. "All of our partners, law enforcement, DHS, the FBI, everyone fighting these child abuse crimes."

Police said there were signs of child abuse in both cases.

An affidavit issued in the arrest of Reed shows he admitted to running his son's head into a door and also "tossed" him across a bed and into a wall.

"He was arrested on two counts of child abuse," Oklahoma City Police Department Msgt. Gary Knight said. "Fast forward to this week when investigators were notified the child succumbed to his injuries."

McNeiland wants parents to know they are there for them with any help they may need parenting. They have a specific program called Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect.

"It walks you through the steps to take, what to really look for, the obscure things you never think that are warning signs and symptoms," McNeiland said. "It walks you through how to make a report."

But for trying to prevent the deaths of young children while parenting, McNeiland said there are other steps that could help.

"(If) you find that your level is getting more and more impatient," McNeiland said. "There is nothing wrong with putting your child in the crib, closing the door and walking away. For a limited amount of time of course."

The CARE Center also encourages you to call them or a doctor if you are having trouble with a baby. They can give you advice that can help prevent an injury to a child.

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