How to avoid porch pirates while ordering packages for the holidays

This doorbell camera and sign weren't enough to keep a thief from stealing packages.

With the holidays approaching, police are seeing more and more packages being stolen from from people's front porches.

The Oklahoma City Police say you should do whatever you can to prevent letting packages sit out on your porch.

That means having packages delivered to work, picking them up at the post office or even having them sent to a neighbor, if you know they will be home.

"A guy walking up to my door and stealing the packages and running off," said Valerie Henry while watching the video of a theft that happened at her house on Tuesday. "Sickening that it happened."

A 2018 study from says more than 26 million Americans have had a package stolen from their front porch, and more than half of them have responded by adding some kind of security measures.

"You see more of it at Christmas, because more people are ordering online," said MSGT. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police. "We do see it year-round, but certainly more this time of year, with so many houses having packages delivered."

People with certain home security systems can basically set up their own neighborhood watch, sharing anything suspicious they see.

"This one here is 'I had a stranger walk up to my door this evening,'" said Kevin Henry, showing video clips some of his neighbors have shared.

Henry owns Computer Connection and sells Ring cameras.

He says, on the Ring app, you can share any suspicious video clips with anyone else who has the app near you.

"It's just a way of communicating that suspicious activity has been happening," Henry said. "And you can respond to that too that, 'I saw that person.'"

Valerie Henry shared her video with neighbors and eventually with police.

She says that the man in her video was caught, but right now police are not releasing his name.

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