Homeowner shoots burglar after struggle over weapon

Vernon Wyatt, from a previous arrest. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police say an overnight home invasion led to a homeowner defending his family by shooting the burglar.

It is quiet Friday on E. Wilshire Boulevard near Sooner Road. Jacquelyn Lawrence told FOX 25 she has lived in the area her whole life.

"It's a rather quiet neighborhood. We never really have any excitement or anything like that," Lawrence said.

She was shocked to hear that someone had broken into her neighbor's home down the street. The Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Ashley Peters said the break-in happened around 3 a.m. Feb. 5. The family reported hearing loud banging on the door, like someone was trying to kick it in.

"At that time, he (the homeowner) retrieved his firearm that he had, which was a shotgun, and then made contact with the suspect that had entered the home," Peters said.

Police say the suspect was Vernon Wyatt.

"There was a struggle that ensued and the suspect attempted to try and take the shotgun away from the victim," Peters said.

Eventually the homeowner got full control of the gun and Wyatt began running away, but not before one round of birdshot was fired from the shotgun. Police caught up with Wyatt down the street, near Lawrence's home.

"It's a frightening thing to have happen," Lawrence said.

Wyatt was transported to the hospital because of his wounds. He will be taken into police custody when released, facing first degree burglary complaints.

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