Homeowner seeking suspects involved in mailbox hit and run

An Oklahoma City homeowner said he is out $500 to $600 because of a broken mailbox in a hit and run. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

The damage to Brennen Cox's mailbox is significant after it was hit by a car last Wednesday.

He's had estimates of $500 to $600 to get it fixed after the top half of it fell off.

"I definitely think that's a big cost as a homeowner," Cox said. "If you file a claim, your rates usually go up so definitely will be footing the bill myself."

Surveillance video shows someone get out of a white car on Fox Run Way before it hits the mailbox on Feb. 21. The car then veers off the road into the mailbox and the person returns before the car leaves, making Cox suspicious.

"I possibly thought they were selling something," Cox said. "It looked like he had a bag getting out of the car or possibly package thieves."

Cox said this isn't normal for his neighborhood and if it was someone who lived there, they would have at least got out of the car to tell him about it.

"Definitely this neighborhood has been pretty quiet," Cox said. "Not much activity going on in it. You definitely think they would've left something in the mailbox itself because this door was still open or I was home at the time."

The only description of the vehicle is that it is a white SUV. The license plate was not captured on video.

"We're asking for the public's help in identifying the people in this vehicle or the vehicle itself if you just recognize that," Oklahoma City police officer Megan Morgan said.

Police also want to talk to two AT&T sales people who were in the neighborhood, but don't know if they were the ones in the car.

Cox hopes he finds out who was driving.

"I'd just like for them to come forward with some contact information so I can get it fixed here," he said.

For now, the postal service isn't delivering to Cox's mailbox and he has to go to the post office to pick up his mail until it's fixed.

This did happen during last week's ice storm. It hasn't been determined if that's what caused the car to veer off the road.

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