Historic barn damaged by a tornado is looking for life

Three different fundraising projects have been started to help save the barn (KOKH)

Fort Reno sprang up in the late 1800's. The Darlington Indian Agency was created as protection from a potential Native American uprising. Through it all, the barn has served as a place to keep horses and mules, the only form of transportation that existed back then.

Cavalry Trooper Jimmy Johnston is a board member of the US Cavalry Association and is working hard to make sure the barn is restored. He says when he walks through it, the same thought always crosses his mind.

"The history of barn when you think about who was there," said Johnston." We don't know what person walked through there, how many generals walked through this building, how many generals rode a horse out there."

Three different fundraising projects have been started to help save the barn. It was damaged during a tornado that hit El Reno in 2013, but it's still standing and the goal is for it to stay that way.

"If you can instill a piece of history into a student and get them pulled in there are going to take and carry this on for generations to come," Museum Curator Wendy Ogden said.

You can donate money or purchase tickets to help save the barn. A handmade quilt and a war saber replica are some of the prizes you can win.

If you'd like to donate, you can stop by the U.S. Cavalry Museum or you can call 422-6330.

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