Highway Patrol gives advice on avoiding potential road rage conflicts

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says road rage incidents might happen more than you think. (KOKH/File)

Early on Wednesday, police were called to a reported shooting after a road rage conflict near I-40.

Details are limited, but the victim had to be taken to the hospital.

Road rage incidents could happen more than you think.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they get calls about potential conflicts out on the roads almost every day.

They say it mostly happens during high traffic times, like rush hour, during the holidays, or after big sporting events.

"Just frustration and impatience, I think are probably two of the bigger reasons for it," said Cpt. Paul Timmons with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Timmons says the easiest way to avoid trouble to an aggressive driver is to ignore them.

"The best thing is, don't engage," Timmons said. "We don't encourage it, and certainly don' t recommend people engaging in that type of behavior. If you're confronted by an aggressive driver, the best thing to do is just get away from them."

Timmons says some easy ways to do that can be to slow down, and let the person pass.

You can even get off at the next exit, even if it's not the one you planned to take.

"Getting involved in a confrontation along the side of the highway generally is not going to end in a good way," Timmons said.

If you do think someone is following you, don't go straight home.

You can always call 911, or try to pull over in a safe place like a police station.

"I know that tempers get heated sometimes, but drivers need to think about what's really important," Timmons said. "If you have passengers in the car with you or small kids, something like that. Think about what's important."

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