Group pushing for backyard chickens in Edmond city limits

The group Edmond Urban Chickens is pushing for city council to change the rules to allow backyard chickens in city limits.

A feathered frenzy taking off in Edmond. A group is pushing for city council to allow backyard chickens in city limits.

The clucking is familiar sound for Jacey Hyde in her two acre OKC backyard. "Chickens are wonderful, they're smart, they're so funny and they're so entertaining and you know if they're raised well with people they love people," said Hyde.

Hyde says she grew up with chickens as pets. She tells us they get a bad rep, but the backyard birds are actually easy to take care of. "Fresh food and fresh water every single day, and when it's hot outside I'll usually do it twice a day and make sure their water is clean. All chickens need some type of shelter or enclosed coup," said Hyde. Hyde tells Fox 25 her hens are a great tool to teach her kids responsibility. "I think the best benefit of backyard chickens is of course chickens provide us food," said Hyde.

Hyde and her friend Lainee Copeland are now leading a push for urban chickens in Edmond, after she says Copeland was forced to give her feathery friends up because of city rules.

"Those are her pets those are her babies, she was really sad about it," said Hyde. The Edmond Urban Chickens movement now has a website, and a Facebook group with nearly 600 members. Hyde says they'd even like to start a nonprofit; all hoping city council will change their tune and give backyard chickens their cluck of approval. "They aren't smelly and they aren't messy and they aren't loud, they're great pets to have and the teaching opportunity for your kids is priceless," said Hyde.

There will be a rally for Edmond Urban Chickens where people can learn more Wednesday night from 7 to 9 at the Patriarch in Edmond. There's also a petition you can sign: click here

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