Group calls to pass 'Lauren's Law' following Luther stabbing


Stacey Wright, the founder of Yes All Daughters, said she had a feeling what caused a 14-year-old boy to stab a fellow student at Luther High School last week.

Wright is an advocate for "Lauren's Law," which would teach proper behaviors in Oklahoma schools.

"Healthy communication skills, healthy boundaries, teaching kids to control their emotions and how to engage in behavior that's healthy," Wright said.

The law is named for a former student at Norman High School who was sexually assaulted. It didn't get through the Oklahoma legislature last year but Wright said she's going to keep working to get it passed.

"We aren't promoting healthy communication skills," Wright said. "These are things people use their entire lives. If we don't start having those conversations when they're real young, by the time they get to high school and college it's too late."

Wright said education like this could've prevented the stabbing that happened in Luther.

"I think maybe that boy wouldn't have taken it so personally," Wright said. "Girls don't owe boys anything."

Wright said she's hoping to get more support and have phone calls made to support Lauren's Law. She hopes it will get passed in next year's legislative session.

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