Green Country baby born weighing 12 ounces is fighting for her life and winning

Green Country baby born weighing 12 ounces is fighting for her life and winning

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A baby born weighing just 12 ounces is fighting for her life and winning.

St. John Medical Center said Saylor Lonetree is one of the smallest surviving babies they've seen, weighing the same as a can of soda.

"We've never even heard of a baby that small, and for it to be ours, we couldn't believe it," said Shawna Lonetree, Saylor's mother.

The odds were stacked against Saylor, facing a 4 to 10 percent survival rate the moment she was born Oct. 4.

Shawna said she was heartbroken when doctors at St. John told her she had to have an emergency cesarean section at 23 weeks.

"I just kept apologizing, because this is the one thing as a mom you're supposed to do is carry your kid and give them a healthy birth," said Lonetree.

Lonetree said her daughter was immediately rushed to NICU the moment she was born.

"She was in critical condition for a while. She had to have plastic wrap over her to keep her warm, because her skin was so fragile," said Lonetree.

Saylor started her life weighing 12 ounces, but now, she's 5 pounds and growing.

"There's been a lot of prayer with her," said Lonetree.

Lonetree said they have to take their daughter's health one day at a time.

"As of right now, she does have a small hole in her heart. She's had it since birth, and they expect it to close up on its own. Worst case scenario, they'll put a patch on it if it doesn't," said Lonetree.

But right now, her hearing and eyesight are good.

"You think you have faith before something like that happens, but whenever it doesn't look good, it really shows how awesome God is and what a miracle she is. She's such a fighter," said Lonetree.

The Lonetree's hope Saylor will be able to come home sometime next week and are looking forward to her finally meeting her big sister.

They also said their insurance has covered a majority of the hospital bills.

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