Governor Stitt's promise to sign every anti-abortion bill stirs mixed reaction

Governor Stitt's promise to sign every anti-abortion bill stirs mixed reaction (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) -- Governor Kevin Stitt is sticking to his pro-life stance, saying he will sign every bill that comes to his desk restricting abortion.

Members of the Abolitionist Society of Tulsa hope to see Governor Stitt live up to his promise.

The society is very proactive in getting their message out that they are against abortion. Many times you can see members outside of churches, concerts and the local women’s clinic.

Alan Maricle is a member of the group.

“Abortion is murder and if it is murder than we ought to criminalize it and treat it legally like it is murder,” he said.

This year there are at least 11 anti-abortion bills filed, he hopes to see the governor sign all of them.

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“We certainly hope Governor Stitt will put legs to his verbal promise to sign any pro-life bill that comes to his desk," said Maricle. "In which case I would not only call on him to sign but also actively support Senate Bill 13.”

Senate Bill 13 would make abortion a felony homicide, which means anyone who gets an abortion could get life in prison with no exceptions for victims of rape, incest, or to save a pregnant person’s life. The law says even the federal government can’t override it.

Senator Jason Dunnington (D) said the state should instead be looking at ways to prevent abortions.

"We can teach comprehensive sex education in schools and we can provide better access to contraception,” he said. “We know, imperil data shows us, that if we do those two simple things, we will lower the rate of abortion by half in the state of Oklahoma."

“I would not be in favor of government schools teaching contraceptive or putting contraceptive in student’s hands who are unmarried,” said Maricle.

Dunnington admits he is one of the few pro-choice lawmakers in the state capitol but says contraceptives are worth spending money on, instead of bills that may ultimately be struck down by the courts.

"No matter what we do here at the state level, everything will have to go up to the federal level and until those at the federal level decide to do something different if they do, then this issue is pretty much a done issue here,” he said. “We have turned this into a political issue and we are failing to get down to the things we can actually do to help resolve some of the problem."

Two very different sides, ready to see what the new governor will do.

This Tuesday, there is a rally at the State Capitol to support Senate Bill 13.

Dunnington goes on record saying no lawmakers are anti-life but he wants to encourage others at the capitol to look at ways to solve the problem instead of ignoring it.

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