Governor Fallin talks school safety following trip to D.C.

Gov. Fallin speaks Nov. 21 after issuing three executive orders aimed at increasing government efficiency. (KOKH/Ben Latham)

Governor Mary Fallin is urging school safety on the heels of her trip to our nation’s capital.

The governor spent five days in D.C., attending the National Governors Association's winter meeting and Governors’ Ball, where President Trump spent several minutes stressing the importance of school safety.

Trump pushed for armed school personnel and encouraged the states’ top leaders to confront mental health by implementing programs that prevent threatening individuals from being overlooked.

Fallin says Oklahoma is ahead of the rest of the nation, and has been since 2013, with the formation of the Oklahoma School Security Institute.

The institute operates under the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security and works to ensure schools are well-prepared for all emergencies.

"We have three personnel that is full time in homeland security that works with our department of education to do screenings of schools, to talk about school safety, to help identify any issues; mental health wise or just threats that may be in schools,” Fallin said.

The institute also offers active shooter training to school personnel and law enforcement.

Fallin urged anyone with concerns regarding the safety of an Oklahoma school to report those concerns to the Oklahoma School Security Institute.

Persons may email concerns to the tip line program, It is available for anyone to report suspicious activity or a possible threat to any Oklahoma school. Reports may be made anonymously. Or persons may call (855) 337-8300.

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